About us

How We Got Here:

This is Peyton, our Wheaten Terrier. Like many Wheatens, he suffers from food allergies-and until we figured this out, he would break out in rashes, develop hot spots, or suffer particularly nasty digestive problems. For every few dollars we spent on dog treats, we would end up paying ten, sometimes twenty times that on trips to the vet's office, until finally, our vet tested him and told us that an allergy to beef and chicken was causing these ailments.

Knowing this, we set out to find whatever kind of beef and chicken-free doggie treats we could. We scoured our local pet shops, visited large national retailers, and surfed the net to find the "special" treats that Peyton would love to eat without getting sick. We ended up spending lots of time driving from one place to another, and constantly surfing from one website to another, just; to buy one bag of treats from here, and one box of treats from there.

After doing this for three years, we said, "Wouldn't it be great if you could find all these delicious treats in ONE place so folks like us, with dogs on special diets wouldn't have to waste time, energy, and money, searching for the right kind of "special" treats for their dogs?"

And that's how we got here!

Our Mission Statement:

Specialtydogtreats.com will be a purveyor of nutritious, unique, and appetizing edible dog products for our customers’ beloved family pets.  We share our customers’ desire to feed our dogs healthy products made from only the highest quality ingredients originating from reputable sources.  To this end, we will only sell products made by companies who meet our high standards and share our values. 

Our contact information:


220 East 67th Street, #3D
New York, NY, 10065