Yesterday was our first day back at the PS 183 Greenmarket here in Manhattan.  We were thrilled to welcome old friends like Callie, Oscar and Sunny, and just as thrilled to make a few new ones to from far off places like Kentucky and the Philippines.  

The PS 183 Greenmarket is a great place to spend some time on a Saturday afternoon in NYC. On the food side, you can shop for fresh fruits and veggies.  There are also vendors selling delicious home baked Viennese style bakery cookies, barbecued Kielbasa, Jamaican style Rice &  Peas, and Curried Goat. I've tried them all they are all really fresh and tasty.  There's also baked goods from the Hoboken bakery.

And lots of great tasting all natural dog treats from us!

See you Saturday---East 67th Street between First and York Avenues, NYC

Treat your self. Treat your dog.